How to install WordPress manually on cPanel

Hello all, this is my fist post to this blog very basic thing how to install WordPress manually on a cPanel account.

WordPress is a Content Management System, basically its blogging platform. But nowadays it used as a tool to create any type of website.

Most of the hosting companies provides 1 click installer for many apps including WordPress (Fantastico ).  There are few issues associated with 1 click installation. So it is better to learn how to install WordPress manual method. Many experts added that manual install is more secure than single click install.

Install WordPress Manually

Following is step by steps to install WordPress on a cPanel. It is assume that you already had a domain and hosting with cPanel account.

  • Download WordPress Files
  • Upload files to cPanel filemanager
  • Create new database
  • Configure and setup WordPress

Downlaod WordPress Files

First we need to download latest version of WordPress files from official site You will get a zip file of contents 3 folders and PHP files. Of course WordPress running on PHP using MySQL as database.

Upload files to cPanel Filemanager

Now we are uploading the files to hosting cPanel. For that login to cPanel account click of File Manager. Select public_html/www for a primary domain. On this location upload the zip file we downloaded. After upload complete extract zip file to same location. Reload the filemanager to see the extracted files, we can see wordpress folder. Enter into the folder and select all files to move back to public_html folder. After move done come back to public_html folder delete unwanted wordpress folder and zip file.

Another method to upload files using FTP. We can use FileZilla as FTP client. Please login to the server using cPanel credentials. Enter to public_html folder. Here we can upload the files inside wordpress folder. For this first we need to extract downloaded zip file on our system.

Create new database

To install we must create a database for the WordPress. For this come back to cPanel home page click on MySQL Database Wizard on Database section. Create a database with unique name (usually prefix with cPanel username). Then create a new user for the database with password. Giving all privileges to the user to access database.

Configure and setup WordPress

We uploaded the files and created database. Last step we need to setup by adding database details and website details. Just check the domain URL on the browser. It will redirect to setup page like On the page please select your desired language for the site. Moving forward need to enter database details we created before. Enter Database Name, Username, Password. By default Database host for cPanel will be “localhost”. Some hosting providers uses host different than localhost. You will know about the host name at the time of database creation. Then Table prefix by default it will be “wp_”, you can change to any if you like. It is good to change the table prefix to make more secure.

After database details entered we almost done. Click on Install WordPress button. On this process tables are creating on the database. Now we need to add site details. Like Site title, WP dashboard username, password and email address.

That’s it. When submit the config page it will redirect to Here you can enter to the WordPress dashboard.

Now on your domain you can see the installation with default theme. You can change the design with lot of theme available and can start adding content to site or blog.

It only takes less than 5 minutes to install wordpress in manual method. Fantastico/QuickInstall takes even less time than manul method. But I suggest you to go for manual method. As some hosting providers without cPanel there will not be the 1 click installer. That case this manual method of installation will be useful to you.

Do you have any questions or suggestions please comment on this post. If you need my help to install wordpress please let me know.

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I am a freelance web developer, travel addict and work-in-progress human being based in Kerala, India. I have 5 years of experience in Wordpress and I love to work in this CMS.

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