About Techno Remedies

About Vinu Narayanan

Before talking about Techno Remedies blog, introducing myself first.

I am Vinu Narayanan, a freelance web developer from Kerala, India. Started my freelance career when I was studying last year post graduation (2012). After completed post-graduation in Computer Science I continue as freelancer, as this much years of experience in Web Development. I am very happy working from home with regular clients. My most of the works in WordPress related.

That’s enough about myself. Let’s talk about Techno Remedies blog.

About Techno Remedies

Like any other bloggers I started blog on Blogger.com http://technoremedies.blogspot.com. Then bought this domain http://technoremedies.com in August 2012. Used WordPress CMS as blogging platform. I am a tech enthusiast. Love to learn new technology things and try to apply that wherever I can.

I am working web development mostly on WordPress, So through this blog I planning to share articles, tips, solutions, fixes, or anything related to WordPress, themes, plugins, etc. Also whatever I learned on web like HTML, CSS, JavaScripts tips, snippets or tutorials.

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-Vinu Narayanan

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